UCLA와 유타 간의 축구 경기 연기, bringing this weekend's postponement tally to 15

대학 풋볼 시즌이 15 디비전 I 경기 후 혼란스러워 보입니다., 이번 토요일에 예정, Covid-19로 인해 취소되었습니다..

UCLA에서 유타 간의 경기가 취소 될 늦어졌습니다. The Pac-12 Conference made the announcement Friday, citing Utah’s football program not having the minimum amount of scholarship players available due to positive Covid-19 tests and additional student-athletes placed in isolation under contact tracing protocols.
Our community is especially hard-hit right now by this virus, and our team and our department have been doing everything possible to follow protocols and avoid the spread of the virus,” Utah Director of Athletics Mark Harlan said in a statement, “We were doing very well, day-by-day, and it is extremely difficult for our student-athletes and coaches that they will not be able to compete again this week.
에 따르면 NCAA.com, 15 의 49 football games that were scheduled to kick off Saturday were either postponed or canceled due to Covid-19 issues.
    The announcement came just one day after the Southeastern Conference postponed multiple football gameswith seven originally scheduled and only three still set to playall because of Covid-19.
      The number of Covid-19 cases is rising in almost every state, with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention predicting there will be 260,000 ...에 282,000 coronavirus deaths by December 5, according to a forecast published Thursday.
      There are currently at least 10.5 million cases of coronavirus in the US and more than 242,000 have already died, 따라 to Johns Hopkins University data.

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