Per una coppia nel paese dei cavalli del Kentucky, la casa è un paradiso

Brielle e Chad erano una delle coppie che abbiamo presentato, insieme ai loro tre figli.

Durante l'episodio, Brielle ha condiviso la sua storia di fondo con i nostri spettatori, uno sfondo che è stato a dir poco sbalorditivo.


Brielle survived domestic abuse and attempted murder from her first husband.

It took her a long time to recover from those experiences — but today, she is an inspiring and strong woman.

You would never guess, but I am the survivor of domestic abuse and attempted murder-suicide. It can happen to anyone,” she revealed.

Brielle and her husband Chad appeared on "American Dream Home" recently as they looked for the perfect home for themselves and their family.

Brielle and her husband Chad appeared onAmerican Dream Homerecently as they looked for the perfect home for themselves and their family. (FOX Business Network)

Di nuovo dentro 2019, she wrote about her experiences in a post on Medium: “I survived attempted murder-suicide at the hands of my late husband in 2012. Sharing my story has not been easy, but I am speaking so that others might have a voice.

She also wrote, “I knew that my life looked right on the outside, but it felt like I was living in a dark prison that was growing increasingly torturous.

Oggi, she speaks out publicly as an inspiration, a survivor and a mentor.

We are busy on the farm repainting, redesigning some spaces and enjoying the property with our family and animals.




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