Forbes op-ed warns companies about hiring ‘fabulistsfrom Trump administration

Forbes op-ed warns companies about hiring 'fabulists' from Trump administration

Canceling anyone who was associated with 特朗普总统 is not going to unite the 国家, Independent Women’s Forum analyst Kelsey Bolar said Tuesday.

This is just the latest example of cancel culture and the great purge that we’re seeing come from the left and never-Trump Republicans,” Bolar told狐狸 & 友人.”

Bolar said that Biden was elected to the president on the idea of bringing unity and a sense of normalcy to this country, 然而, 的 “dangerous cancel culturewill prevent that from happening.

This dangerous cancel culture, which wants to ban any American who had the audacity to support President Trump or work in his administration from being able to do something as basic as have a new job,” 她说.


Bolar reacted to Forbes warning companies not to hire officials associated with Trump in a recent op-ed.

Forbes magazine’s chief content officer, Randall Lane, warned companies that may consider hiring Kayleigh McEnany, Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and others who worked for the Trump administration.

Let it be known to the business world: Hire any of Trump’s fellow fabulists above, and Forbes will assume that everything your company or firm talks about is a lie,” Lane wrote in a piece published Thursday.


Bolar argued that the media, Big Tech and corporate America are all in on canceling anyone who was associated with the Trump administration. Bolar said it was avery dangerous and concerning trend and it will not unite the country.

It is going to divide us and, 当然, there is a huge double standard to talk about here where this is coming from the same media that peddled the idea that the 2016 election was hijacked from the Russians,” 她说.

Bolar went on to say, “Nancy Pelosi tweeted that the 2016 election was hijacked and faced no sort of repercussions. The media partook in peddling that narrative. They don’t hold themselves accountable but yet they want to turn around and tell us that anyone who worked in the Trump administration does not deserve to have a job.