Ford begins testing electric Mustang Mach-E as police car

Ford is sending one of the all-electric utility vehicles to the Michigan State Police’s annual vehicle evaluation this weekend to see how it sizes up against the conventional cars and trucks currently available to law enforcement.


The regime tests vehicle performance across a variety of disciplines, including braking, acceleration and lapping the Grattan Raceway road course and is used as a benchmark by police forces across the nation.

Die Ford F-150 Police Responder is currently the quickest vehicle in a straight line and the Ford Explorer-based Interceptor Utility quickest around the track.


The Mach-E being sent is a stock high-performance GT equipped with the optional Performance Edition brakes and wheels that hasn’t received any law enforcement-specific upgrades like a beefed-up suspension or heavy duty wheels and tires, but Ford does offer suggestions for departments interesting in customizing Mach-E’s on their own and will use the data to inform the development of a possible factory police package.

Ann Arbor, Ek., is currently using two Mach-Es as community outreach and detective vehicles, but not as patrol or pursuit cars, terwyl several departments in the U.K. have also started to test the Mach-E as a law enforcement vehicle.




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