Former Afghan interpreter: 'I served one-third of my life, now I'm not even able to save my own family'

En una entrevista exclusiva, le dijo a Fox News: “As we are talking, they are searching houses and looking for the documents of the people who work for the U.S. Gobierno, they’re trying to take their family members.The man agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity for fear of retribution from the Taliban. One of his hermanos in Afghanistan spoke with Fox News earlier, diciendo: “They are only trying to find the guys like us…if they find [nosotros], nos matarán.”

Describing how this all feels, the former Afghan interpreter broke down.


I really don’t know how to express all the pain that I’m having…it’s very hard seeing my brothers and sisters overseas, not being able to do anything,” él dijo.

He told Fox News he’s been doing everything he can for them: “It’s not a moment I could live with it. Every second of it, it’s just so much pain.He has gotten visas for his family from the US Embassy, but that is no longer enough, él dijo. His family has tried to reach the Kabul International airport 10 veces, people are being killed there, and there are so many people it is impossible and dangerous to get close, le dijo a Fox News.

The former interpreter said now there is only one way to get out.

He described a system where people call someone and give an address, the car comes — not in a Taliban area but not too far — and takes them straight to the airport.

This is the only way they have been doing it actually for the past couple days,” él explicó.

The man told Fox News he feel the U.S. government should be doing more tohelp out the interpreters, their families, como yo. I have my brothers and sisters. I served my life. Sobre 10 años, over a decade, I served with the U.S. Gobierno, now what happens to my family.

He said there are hundreds like him, who are either at risk of being killed themselves or having their family members killed.

I served one-third of my life, now I’m not even able to save my own family, my own blood,” él dijo.

The former Afghan interpreter explained that there was a big role that interpreters played with the U.S. government or with U.S. soldiers on the ground. He told Fox News the U.S. government would have not been able to accomplish the missions its did without them.

Watch the full interview above.

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