Former 'Big Brother' winner Mike Malin found guilty of stalking co-star Will Kirby: 보고서

The 50-year-old initially pleaded not guilty after being arrested in August of 2019 for stalking his former “큰 형”출연진, 박사. Will Kirby, according to court records viewed by Us Weekly on Wednesday.

He reportedly withdrew his original plea and changed it to a plea of no contest, therefore waiving his right to a trial.

Kirby won Season 2 of the CBS series and Malin went on to win Season 7 as a returningAll-star.The outlet reported that he will be required to spend three days in Los Angeles County jail, pay a total of $ 70 in fees and serve 30 days in a residential treatment program. 게다가, he must pay $ 300 in restitution to the court as well as to the victim in an amount to be determined at a later hearing.


Mike Malin has reportedly been found guilty of stalking former ‘Big Brother’ contestant Will Kirby.

Mike Malin has reportedly been found guilty of stalking former ‘Big Brother’ contestant Will Kirby. (Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

Malin must also keep authorities aware of his travel and living situation, 완전한 160 hours of community service and submit DNA for a database, per the terms of his plea agreement.

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Malin is also prohibited from coming near Kirby, his family or his businesses per a 2019 restraining order.

According to a previous petition filed by Kirby’s attorney for a restraining order that was viewed by Fox News, the stalking began after both men were tapped to go on another reality show as a duo. Kirby declined, which meant Malin could not participate. That’s when he allegedly began sending threats to Kirby, as well as his wife and children. Kirby reported to authorities that Malin had sent him disturbing photos of a gun pointed at images of Malin’s daughter and wife.

Per his plea agreement, Malin is now barred from owning or purchasing firearms and was ordered to relinquish any he already possessed.

Representatives for Kirby did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

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