Former Calif. GOP gubernatorial candidate predicts successful Newsom recall effort due to ‘epic mismanagement

Former Calif. GOP gubernatorial candidate predicts successful Newsom recall effort due to ‘epic mismanagement'

加利福尼亚州 政府. 加文·纽瑟姆(Gavin Newsom)’s “epic mismanagementof the state shows the public official will be recalled, former California GOP gubernatorial candidate John Cox said on Thursday.

This state is a wonderful state to live in, great weather, great natural beauty, but the worst management in the country,” John Cox told美国新闻室.”

Recall organizers must obtain 1.5 million signatures by March 17 to get the referendum on Newsom, D., on the ballot. As of Tuesday, petitioners have gathered 1.2 million signatures, 根据 Recall Gavin, one of two groups organizing the effort.

纽索姆(Newsom)附近加利福尼亚州重新召回投票门槛: HERE’S WHAT WOULD HAPPEN NEXT

Cox predicted a successful recall of Newsom over his management of the coronavirus and the state in general.

If Gavin Newsom were the head of a major corporation he would have been fired months ago,” 他说.

考克斯, who lost to Newsom in a landslide in 2018, said the Golden State has a low quality of life due to thecost of living, high poverty rate, high taxes, and high housing costs.

Homelessness is rampant in a crisis situation. We don’t have enough electricity, we don’t have enough water. And on top of that now we have the pandemic management which has been a disgrace,” 他说.

Cox said that small businesses areliterally being crushedand young people are notgoing to school nor getting in activities.” 此外, the former gubernatorial candidate called the vaccine distribution anabsolute mismanagement.


When you are in a hole the first rule is to stop digging,” 他说. “That’s why I think this recall that’s going on right now is going to be successful, and I’m going to be there because I’ve run a small business for 40 年份, and I just can’t stand watching the epic mismanagement that has gone on in this state.

福克斯新闻’ Talia Kaplan and Bradford Betz contributed to this report.