L'ex leader democratico della California: Se Newsom prevale, le scuole probabilmente verranno chiuse di nuovo

L'ex Sen di Stato. Gloria Romero told Fox News that education is a top issue for her because of her upbringing. È figlia di una madre con un'istruzione di prima media, che ha continuato a guadagnare un dottorato di ricerca. and chair the state’s Senate Education Committee.

“Per me, education is a civil rights issue, and especially in California con oltre 6 million children in the public school system,” lei disse, lamenting the percentages of minority children in the state who are unable to perform in math and reading at a grade-level standard.

And now they are trying to teach our youth that two plus two doesn’t even equal four. To me I believe school choice is what breaks the chains of poverty,” lei ha aggiunto.

If incumbent Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom were to prevail, Romero said, California will continue its downward trend in thesame old, same old” moda

And I’m a Democrat. I have personally seen the hostage-taking, the political hostage taking, a Sacramento. I have seen personally, whether it was by the humongous campaign contributions, the outsized influence of how policy is written,” lei disse. “Basically no budget gets decided without the input of the CTA (California Teachers Association). So what happens is basically it’s like Groundhog Day – except when it comes to our schoolchildren it’s a very serious negative effect.


Ha continuato, “As a Democrat, I really am disappointed in a Democratic Party that purports to stand for the rights of minorities [e] working-class communities and, ancora, it fails on the most important issue for us: education.

Romero said Newsom will likely be emboldened to shut California schools down again, and continue to be at the whim ofspecial interests that run the showat the state capitol.

The former Senate leader added that rank-and-file teachers in her state don’t necessarily like their union dues going in such large proportions to leftist political endeavors, adding that the recall vote is an opportunity to break the “sistema”.

I found no stronger voice than Larry Elder, who actually survived that and is an eloquent speaker on the need for school choice,” lei disse.

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