Former CIA officer slams agency's 'woke' recruitment video: 'Nightmare situation'


BRYAN DEAN WRIGHT: Just a few years ago, [the ad] would never have made it out of the front office. 看, 你懂, I started after 9/11 and our focus. If you asked us if we were to star in a recruitment video, we would have talked about the mission of the country. Nothing in that two-minute video was focused on the country.

So the first question is, what happens when the CIA is deeply critical, not just at the senior levels, but in fact, the rank and file? That’s a nightmare situation. We saw this propagandist garbage, and that’s exactly what it is. So that’s frightening for the country, which actually then gets to the second piece, 这是, practically speaking, what happens when you hire a bunch of folks who are woke-sters going out to a world that is not woke?

The rest of the world. 中国, 例如, is deeply racist and bigoted. Will you go out with your Marxist BLM signs: '没有, 没有, 没有, don’t do that. That’s bad.’ 我的意思是, 来吧. As an analyst, are they going to bring nuance to their analysis or are they going to bring any degree of unbiasedness to their job? 当然不是. They’re activists now.