Former Detroit police chief: 'Bail reform is a failure' and Biden's plan isn't addressing it


제임스 크레이그: His program falls short on a couple of fronts. 가장 먼저, he did talk very briefly, 아마도 10 초, about having a properly functioning criminal justice system. We know that bail reform is a failure. We have criminals in the streets that wasn’t properly addressed. And then we talk about higher police pay over time. 보기, I’m certainly a strong advocate of community policing, but let’s talk about New York, the end of the proactive policing programs, crime-fighting, as the sergeant indicated. Where is that?

So it fell short, but we put a lot of focus on gun dealers. There’s laws in place to address those transfers of guns to prohibited persons. So it really just falls short. 그리고 정말, it’s pandering to the progressive side of the party that really wants to defund and dismantle policing as we know it. There was no discussion about getting off of this whole ending qualified immunity. We know ending qualified immunity is a way to dismantle, disrupt policing as we know it. Look what happened in New York. Look at the number of retirements and resignations when their city council voted to end qualified immunity. That’s still part of the George Floyd plan as it stands right now.

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