L'ex assistente di volo fa causa a Delta Air Lines dopo che l'ha licenziata per aver condiviso vignette editoriali anti-Trump sui social media

An employment discrimination lawsuit filed by a former Delta Air Lines flight attendant says she was fired for posting an image of former President Donald Trump wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood on her personal Facebook page.

L'attore, Leondra Taylor, chi è nero, admitted she posted a cartoon image on her personal Facebook page depicting then-President Trump and then-former Vice President Joe Biden during one of their presidential debates in 2020, according to the lawsuit filed Monday in federal district court in Atlanta.
In the cartoon, Trump is pictured wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood as he stands at the podium across from Biden. The image includes a quote bubble over the head of the debate moderator saying, “Grazie, Sig. Presidente, for wearing your mask.
      The image was created by editorial cartoonist Aislin and published by the Montreal Gazette on October 1, 2020, days after the primo 2020 general election presidential debate moderated by Chris Wallace. In quel dibattito, Trump lo era asked by Wallace to denounce White supremacists and militia groups, to which the then-President said, “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.”
        Delta “came across some political posts that it deemed to be in violation of its social media policyduring a review of Taylor’s Facebook page sparked by another employee, afferma la causa. A gennaio 2021, a group of Delta employees told Taylor her posts were unacceptable and said it did nottolerate, irrispettoso, hateful or discriminatory posts,” secondo la causa.
          A month later, Delta notified Taylor it intended tosuspend her employment,” and a manager stated that herpolitical posts were racially motivated,” which was given as the reason for her termination, the lawsuit reads.
          La causa, which alleges Deltadiscriminated against plaintiff because of her race,” contends that Taylor’s posts werepolitical statements, but they were not hateful or discriminatory.
          It argues the cartoon showing Trump in the masksimultaneously made a statement about Trump’s denial of the need for Covid protective measures, and that racial discrimination against African Americans was a systemic issue starting at the top, with the then president.
          It also alleges non-African American employees at Delta weren’t subject to the same penalties for their activity on social media.
            Taylor is suing for general damages for mental and emotional suffering; punitive damages for what the lawsuit calls thedefendant’s willful, dannoso, intentional, and deliberate acts”; and lost wages.
            A Delta spokesperson responded to Taylor’s federal lawsuit to CNN in a statement: “When Delta employees intermix Delta’s brand with conduct or content that does not reflect our values of professionalism, inclusione, and respect, that conduct can result in discipline or termination. While personnel issues are considered private between Delta and its employees, the circumstances described by our former employee are not an accurate or complete explanation of the company’s termination decision.

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