Former LAPD officer describes encounter with 'aggressive' swarm of bees that killed 2 犬

Bob Ramos of Diamond Bar, カリフォルニア, told KTLA on Tuesday that the bees he encountered in his backyard were inattack modeand that the dogs had ripped through a screen door trying to escape.


While his dog, a chocolate Labrador named Rolo, survived the incident, the two smaller dogs named Maggie and Allie did not.

I keep trying to convince myself that I did … I did everything I could do,” Ramos said.

According to KABC, Ramos was stung almost 50 times trying to rescue the pets and had to be taken to the hospital.

The station reported that the bees came from a neighbor’s hive that had been knocked over, sending the insects into a frenzy.

It’s the worst thing that I’ve ever seen,” Ramos told them. “It was a swarm and they were so aggressivethey were very aggressive and agitated.

Bees usually swarm in the spring, and either do so after a hive splits to form a new colony or the bees abandon the hive.

While many swarms are not dangerous and bees are not as defensive as they are around their hive, people who encounter the swarms are advised not to agitate the insects.

ザ・ use of products like insecticide on or around the bees can have the opposite intended effect in addition to harming the bees.


アメリカ. 疾病管理予防センター (CDC) 前記 that during the 17 years from 2000 に 2017, の合計 1,109 deaths from hornet, wasp and bee stings occurred, with an annual average of 62 deaths and the most deaths recorded in 2017.

周り 80% of those deaths were among males.