Former NWSL coach called 'predator' as players speak out about sexual misconduct accusations

Former National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) プレーヤーのマナ・シムは、元コーチのポール・ライリーが “捕食者” WHO “セクハラ” 彼女.

Riley was fired by the North Carolina Courage last week after an investigative report by The Athletic that cites players on the record alleging that for years, Riley used his influence and power to sexually harass players and in one incident, プレイヤーに彼とのセックスを強要する.
Riley denied the accusations in the Athletic report. CNNはコメントのためにライリーに連絡することができませんでした.
    The commissioner of the NWSL Lisa Baird 辞任 and the league called off all matches scheduled for last weekend as a result of the report detailing allegations of sexual coercion and misconduct against Riley, who coached three NWSL franchises over eight seasons.
      In the Athletic report, 元プレーヤーのシネイドファレリーは、結婚したライリーが彼女をホテルの部屋に強制的にセックスさせた方法を説明しました. Another reported incident describes Riley coercing Farrelly and teammate Shim back to his apartment and pressuring the two to kiss each other.
        アスレチックはライリーに彼の疑惑の違法行為についてコメントするように頼んだ, 彼は元選手に答えた’ クレームは “完全に真実ではありません。” アスレチックによると, ライリーはメールで彼らに言った: “私はセックスをしたことがありません, またはこれらのプレーヤーに向かって性的な進歩を遂げました。”
        Speaking to NBC on Tuesday alongside Shim and US Women’s National team striker Alex Morgan, Farrelly said the damage Riley has caused “すべての部分に浸透します” 彼らの生計の.
          “それは本当に重要だと思います。なぜ私たちのストーリーを共有し、私たちのキャリアに与えられたダメージを非常に詳細に共有したかったのですか。, しかし、私たちは人々として誰であるか,” ファレリー, 3つの異なるチームでライリーのためにプレーした人, 説明した.
          “私の自信へのダメージと私が自分自身をどのように見たか、そして私がどのように人生に近づくか, それはあなたの生活のあらゆる部分に浸透します,” ファレリー 言った NBC.
          “それに伴う多くの損失があり、私が取り戻せないことは、私たちがあなたの本物の自己になるために現れるだけの感情的な影響を利用できるときだと思います, スポーツよりも大きいので、多くの人にとって本当に家に帰ることができます. これは私たち自身の生活の安全についてであり、私たちの体とプレーヤーはそれに値する. 私たちは皆それに値する. そして、それは私たちが戦うものです。”
          The NWSL matches scheduled for Wednesday will proceed as planned, the players union announced on Tuesday.
          スティーブボールドウィン, NWSLのワシントンスピリットのCEO兼マネージングパートナー, resigned on Tuesday amid the fallout. Baldwin’s statement Twitter上で 辞任の理由の一部として、プレーヤーによる最近の要求を参照しました.
          And while Shim said on NBC she wasso just overcome with gratitude at everyone who has spoken out and supported us,” she says she wantsmore justice.
          I want more,” 彼女 言った NBC. “I want more justice, I want better policies, I want players to be protected.
          The Athletic reported that it interviewed over a dozen players who played under Riley since 2010 and others who are involved with women’s soccer.
          Riley watches on during a North Carolina Courage match in July, 2021.

          Shim said that the support of her friends is what got her through.
          From early on, there was a possession, not just from Paul, but the team that I was playing for,” 彼女 言った NBC. “They silenced me about multiple issues, my sexuality being the most important one.
          And I just was very, very uncomfortable the whole time and every day I showed up to work, every day I practiced, every game I played, I didn’t have confidence and I was scared. I was scared and the only thing that got me through was my teammates. And Alex and Sinead, they’re two of my best friends. Thank god I had them.
          I don’t know what I would do without them. Alex was the first person I told who said: ‘I will do anything to support you.She was loyal from day one. That’s really the only way I got through it. And I’m still damaged.
          モーガン, a former teammate of both Shim and Farrelly, said she willcontinue to amplify their voices and just show this systemic failure from the league and how wrong they did in handling Mana’s case and complaint and then investigation.
          I think when I look back, I tried to be as good of a friend and teammate as possible to Mana in helping her file a complaint when there at the time was no anti-harassment policy in place, there was no league HR, there was no anonymous hotline, there was no way to report,” モーガン 言った NBC.
          We have now started to put these things in place by demand of players, not by beingnot by the league being proactive. So something we ask is for the league to start being proactive, not reactive. We ask for transparency.
            The NWSL did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment regarding the comments made by Shim, Farrelly and Morgan.
            In a statement released on Sunday, NWSL announced it wasimmediately launching several critical investigative and reform initiatives to protect players and staff, and the environments in which athletes live, 列車, and compete to give athletes the agency and ability to safely report misconduct of any form.