Former NYC police commissioner warns we are going back to the 'bad old days'

하워드 새퍼: What’s going on is we’re going back to the bad old days. 우리는 경찰을 욕했다, 우리는 경찰에 자금을 지원합니다, and we’ve come up with these crazy bail laws that release known felons who have been convicted of the same crimes they continue to perpetrate, and we are sending a message to criminals that you don’t have to fear the police. 알 잖아, back when I was commissioner and Commissioner Kelly and Commissioner Bratton, the only people that need to fear the police were criminals. So they kept their guns home, they were very careful about what they did, and they went to other places than New York City if they were committing crimes. The fact is if criminals don’t fear police, if there is no accountability and certainty of arrest, they’re gonna do what they’ve always done, commit crimes.

What’s behind it primarily is leftist politicians like in Seattle and New York and Portland who have ceded their cities Black Lives Matter and Antifa. I was amused, although in a strange way, by the Seattle mayor who ceded the whole city to Black Lives Matter and is now calling for more police and law and order because the truth is the loudest voices, the vast majority of Americans respectfully want to go about their lives in peace and we are listening to these radical groups.

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