Former NYPD commissioner: Cops across America 'feel under siege' and unsupported

They have over five thousand New York City police officers who have retired or put their papers in, as they call it, to retire in the last year, year-and-a-half. And this is a national phenomenon. 과, 물론이야, it really impacts on recruiting. Departments throughout the country can’t recruit certainly qualified people. They may get some individuals who want to become police officers, the question is what is the quality of those folks they’re hiring? I’ve never seen anything like this. Cops feel that they’re under siege, cops feel that they get no support,” said Kelly.


He added that officers are deciding not toengagesuspects in some instances because of potential backlash or legal consequences for a confrontation.

And that ultimately hurts all of us,” 그는 말했다.

The NYPD reported 19 people were wounded in 16 shootings from Friday through Sunday. 4 명이 사망, including a sixth-grader who was gunned down in Queens on Saturday, just days before his birthday. A recent 폭스 뉴스 설문 조사 showed that 73% of Americans believe there is more crime in 2021 versus 2020.

Many police departments have reported an exodus of officers in the last year and a half following the “경찰을 탕감하다” narrative being pushed by Democrats in Congress, coupled with the demonization of officers in the media.

Kelly also spoke out on the harassment of officers, 포함 past incidents of people pouring water on officers who did not retaliate.

There is simply no respect. So they see the world as being pretty much against them. They’re not getting support from management. They’re not getting support from politicians. And they’re being disrespected, they’re being demonized, they’re being stigmatized virtually every day through the mass media,” Kelly added.

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