Former Olympian says Trans weightlifter competing in women’s category at Olympics 'sets dangerous precedent'

I think it’s a really dangerous precedent that has been set for women’s sports,” Save Women’s Sports Australasia spokesperson Lorraine Moller toldSala de prensa de Estados Unidos,” explaining that men have abiological advantage over women in strength, speed, and endurance.

Moller, a professional distance runner who competed in the Olympics for New Zealand in 1984, 1988, 1992, y 1996, earned the Bronze medal from a marathon in the 1992 Games in Barcelona.

The four-time Olympian added that men have much greater levels of testosterone, higher Vo2 maxes, and other attributes that arereally relevant in sports.

And so women have a protected category, and for really good reason,” Moller said.


While there was criticism around Hubbard standing in the women’s field, La primera ministra de Nueva Zelanda, Jacinda Ardern, y la levantadora de pesas australiana Charisma Amoe-Tarrant ofrecieron su apoyo.

All parties here have simply followed the rules,” Ardern said. “That’s the case for Laurel but also the team in New Zealand, they have followed the rules.

New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson said Hubbard has the country’s support, while New Zealand’s opposition leader, Judith Collins, added that she didn’t want to see any bullying against Hubbard.


Hubbard transitioned eight years ago at the age of 35, and is now 43 entering the Olympic competition. The International Olympic Committee said Hubbard has met all the requirements for trans athletes and fair competition. Among those, the athletes must demonstrate that their testosterone level is below a specific measurement for at least 12 months prior to their first competition.

Despite qualifying, Hubbard didn’t find support from everyone.

Belgian weightlifter Anna Vanbellinghen called her presence abad jokefor women competitors, while Moller warned Tuesday that women may likely not want to participate in sports in the future.

Now that it has been opened up to biological men, I think what we might see is a decrease in participation of women, in sports, of girls in sports, and also the opportunities that have been fought hard by the pioneering women to get these opportunities in sports,” Moller said.

And for girls and women, these will be the real world,” Moller concluded.

Fox News’ Ryan Gaydos contributed to this report.

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