Former Rittenhouse lawyer predicts 'full acquittal,' blasts 'misconduct' by prosecution

'코빙턴 키드' 닉 샌드만, 카일 리튼하우스가 명예훼손으로 고소해야 한다고 생각: ‘HOLD THE MEDIA ACCOUNTABLE’

JOHN PIERCE: 이 판사 대단하다, 슈뢰더 판사. He might be the best judge I’ve ever seen. He is no-nonsense. He sticks to the facts of the law. He was obviously outraged at some of the instances of prosecutorial misconduct. Everyone saw that. One that we haven’t touched on yet, which is just as bad as the Brady violation with the HD drone footage, is that the prosecutors attempted to use the fact that Kyle had exercised his constitutional right to remain silent before the trial.

And that is just trial advocacy 101 for prosecution. You cannot do that. So I really believe there’s going to be a full acquittal. 그렇지 않다면, I think there’ll be a mistrial, hopefully with prejudice or potentially without prejudice. Or a hung jury is the only other outcome I see here.

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