Most of the data in the reporting that we’ve been seeing has been either leaked or been forced to come out through Freedom of Information Act requests,” DiNanno stated when asked about why China would spike COVID-19 testing orders before the first cases were made public.


None of this has been forthcoming from Eco Health Alliance or other grantees. So again, this data drip, drip, drip has not been provided to congressional investigators and the administration continues to drag their feet by denying that there is a problem.

Ostensibly, that’s how they can avoid dealing with it,” DiNanno explained.

The WHO 発表 it would re-open the probe in September to investigate how and when the virus began, as the original probe left a majority of questions unanswered. China has faced pressure from countries around the world, 米国を含む, to revisit the researchbut it has largely resisted.


Maybe this next one would be better, but it starts with the right people and they certainly had the wrong ones the last time,” DiNanno argued.

結果として, China has garnered significant international criticism as the lab-leak theory and other questions regarding its start remain largely unaddressed.

I think now almost two years hence, it’s fair to say the Chinese government’s not going to share any information,” DiNanno suggested.

による ウォールストリートジャーナル, the investigation is likely to be comprised of about 20 scientists who will focus on garnering additional information on the origins of the virus.

DiNanno also alleged the National Institute of Health (NIH(アメリカ国立衛生研究所) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) could have ties to the Chinese government.

We’ve seen documents that are now public that tie NIH and USAID directly to the Wuhan lab,” said DiNanno. “When our own government is choosing to partner with the Chinese Communist Party, it’s a serious problem, and I think a very simple solution: Let’s not do it.