Former Trump adviser Tom Barrack released on $  250M bail

Barrack was charged earlier this week for illegally lobbying Trump on behalf of a foreign government – the United Arab Emirates – during the former president’s 2016 campaign and presidency.

The 74-year-old posted $ 5 million in cash for his immediate release Friday and added three sureties to his bond, including Jonathan Grunzweig, the principal & chief investment officer at his private equity firm, Colony Capital.


The Los Angeles resident pleaded not guilty after he was accused of illegally influencing Trump’s foreign policy positions during his first campaign and into his presidency through April 2018.

He will now be required to wear an ankle bracelet and is barred from any international travel.

Barrack is only permitted to travel in between Los Angles and New York, though all his travel must be approved through government channels.

Prosecutors reportedly urged U.S. Magistrate Judge Patricia Donahue to keep Barrack behind bars and alleged he is a potential flight risk due tothe overwhelming evidence of his guilt.

Barrack was described asan extremely wealthy and powerful individual with substantial ties to Lebanon, the UAE, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” first reported Bloomberg.

In a hearing Tuesday, prosecutors said the Trump-ally had access to a private plane along withdeep and longstanding ties to countries that do not have extradition treaties with the United States.

Barrack has been barred from not only international financial transactions but from spending more than $ 50,000 with the exception of his legal fees.

He will be accompanied by his lawyer during an upcoming trip to appear in a New York federal court on Monday.