Former Trump DHS officials Wolf, Cuccinelli, Morgan join Heritage Foundation

Former Trump DHS officials Wolf, Cuccinelli, Morgan join Heritage Foundation

Three former Trump-era 国土安全 官员, including former acting Secretary Chad Wolf, have joined the Heritage Foundation as fellows — 最新的 移动 to a think tank by ex-Trump officials since leaving office.

狼, along with former acting deputy Ken Cuccinelli and former acting Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan, are joining the conservative think tank as fellows in the Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy.


With the addition of Chad Wolf, Ken Cuccinelli and Mark Morgan, Heritage has assembled an all-star team with significant policy expertise on issues related to homeland security, immigration and China,” Heritage Foundation President Kay C. James said in a statement Friday.

Heritage was already a leading voice to shape these policy issues. We’re now taking our work to the next level as we confront an emboldened Biden administration that seeks to undo many of the accomplishments of the past four years,” 她说.

All three were key figures in the implementation of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, including the expansion of the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), the creation of asylum cooperative agreements, 的 “公共收费” rule and the construction of the wall at the southern border.


Many of those policies are either being rolled back or planned to be rolled back under President Bidenwho has halted construction of the wall and has promised to end MPP and other agreements. Biden is also proposing a broad immigration bill that would grant a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants.

At Heritage, Wolf is expected to work on projects related to national security, China and cyber policy. Cuccinelli will work on immigration and border securityincluding what immigrant programs could be being exploited by the Chinesewhile Morgan will work on border, 移民, public safety and issues related to China.

The announcement from Heritage comes days after it was announced that former 国务卿迈克庞培 was joining the Hudson Institute as a distinguished fellow.

I am pleased to be joining Hudson Institute and look forward to contributing to its mission of promoting American leadership and global engagement,” Pompeo said in a 声明.