Ex Stati Uniti. inviato in Afghanistan: "Siamo tutti scontenti" della "brutta fase finale" del ritiro

Khalilzad, chi è stato intercettato 2018 by then-President Donald briscola as the U.S.’s chief negotiator with the Taliban, ha detto a CBS News' “Affronta la nazione” host Margaret Brennan that he left the Biden administration less than two months after its chaotic Aug. 30 withdrawal because internal debates weren’t based in reality.


One reason I left the government, as I wrote in my letter, is that the debate wasn’t really, come dovrebbe essere, based on realities and facts of what happened, what was going on and what our alternatives were,” Egli ha detto. “The decision ultimately was made to put conditions-based aside and follow a calendar basis.

Khalilzad stopped short of criticizing President Biden, but said the withdrawal that he negotiated, known as the Doha Agreement, was meant to hold the Taliban to certain conditions. He explained in his resignation letter Monday that one of those conditions that never came to fruition was that the Taliban negotiate directly with the Afghan government to strike apower-sharing agreement and a comprehensive and permanent ceasefire.

He told CBS that Biden chose to pull out of Afghanistan without those certain conditions becausethere would have been consequencesfor remaining in the country past the deadline.

Brennan pushed back, notandolo 13 American service people were killed during the chaotic evacuation after ISIS-K suicide bombers attacked the Kabul airport.

So this wasn’t an orderly withdrawal,” Brennan argued.

I’m not saying it was an orderly withdrawal,” Khalilzad responded. “This was an ugly final phase. Nessun dubbio a riguardo. Could have been a lot worse. The Talibs did help with the withdrawal. Gen. McKenzie would tell you they did everything we asked them to do during that final phase.

It could have been a lot worse,” Lui continuò. “Kabul could have been destroyed, street to street fighting could have occurred. I went to Afghanistan after 30-plus years after the Soviet withdrawal and what happened? Everywhere you looked, it was destruction like some German city after World War II. This could have been a lot worse. It could have been a lot worse. It can still be a lot worse, or it can get better.

Khalilzad also said there could be “centinaia” of American citizens still stranded in Afghanistan.

I think it’s very likely that it’ll be in hundreds, but we don’t know,” Egli ha detto. “The truth of the matter is, we don’t know.

State Department officials briefed congressional staff last week and told them that they are in touch with 363 Americans in Afghanistan and nearly 176 legal permanent residents, far exceeding the 100 figure officials had estimated in September.

Khalilzad will be replaced by his deputy, Thomas West, who led the U.S. delegation to that last round of talks in Doha.

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