El copresidente del Comité de Equidad Racial de la Junta Escolar de Fort Worth reconoce los ataques a los padres

“Algunas personas consideran que mis acciones son perjudiciales.,” Norma Garcia-Lopez, the committee’s co-chair, said in a statement to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “It’s not doxxing when you expose someone who filed a public motion in a public court of law that impacts public school children.

Como informó anteriormente Fox News, Garcia-Lopez shamed the parents who had sued the Fort Worth Independent School District (ISD) over its mask mandate, securing a temporary injunction en agosto.


It’s astounding what the ‘White Privilege’ power from Tanglewood has vs a whole diverse community that cares for the well being of others,” Garcia-Lopez wrote. “These are their names: Jennifer Treger, Todd Daniel, Kerri Rehmeyer and a coward Jane Doe. Internet do your thang.

Twitter screenshot of a message from Norma Garcia-Lopez

Twitter screenshot of a message from Norma Garcia-Lopez (Gorjeo)

Garcia-Lopez went on to share the phone number and address of Treger, along with Rehmeyer’s employer, her phone number, and her work email address (this sensitive personal information has been blurred from the photo below). When a local activist thanked her for sharing the information, Garcia-Lopez wrote, “They definitely need to be called out.

Facebook screenshot of a message from Norma Garcia-Lopez

Facebook screenshot of a message from Norma Garcia-Lopez (Facebook)

Garcia-Lopez also acknowledged calling one of the parents who sued the district and leaving a profanity-laced voicemail. “F— usted, you stupid b—-. F— you with your White privilege, not caring about the well-being of others, F— usted,” Garcia-Lopez said in the voicemail, according to a recording provided to Fox News.

My message contained harsh language — no threats,” Garcia-Lopez said in her statement. “Some people find my choice of words in that message offensive. But what’s really offensive is that four white parents could hold so much power.


In the committee meeting on Thursday, Garcia-Lopez characterized her support for mask mandates as a vital aspect of advocating for children. “When we’re advocating for their health and safety, for mask mandates, for vaccines, for everything, for all the equity in the classrooms, that’s because we care, not because we don’t,” ella dijo.

Max Krochmal, a history professor at Texas Christian University and a member of the committee, announced on Thursday that he had filed a resolution urging the school district to affirmsupport for Norma Garcia-Lopez as co-chair of the Racial Equity Committee, with a note of appreciation and thanks.

Fort Worth ISD Racial Equity Committee defends Norma Garcia-Lopez.

Fort Worth ISD Racial Equity Committee defends Norma Garcia-Lopez. (A concerned citizen, sending it via Carlos Turcios)

los Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that Garcia-Lopez had receivedracist and fat-shaming statements,” demands that shego back to Mexico,” and messages calling hera great candidate for having a stroke.Some messages reportedly threatened her life and the safety of her family.

They sent a lynch mob to attack me,” Garcia-Lopez said. “They want to silence me from advocating for equity, by pressuring me into resigning as co-chair of the Racial Equity Committee.


Rehmeyer, one of the mothers Garcia-Lopez targeted, told Fox News she did not release Garcia-Lopez’s personal information. She noted Garcia-Lopez’s claim about sending alynch mobafter her and said, “No we didn’t. All we did was go to the media with what she had done to us.

The targeted mother also condemned any threats or racist messages the committee co-chair has received. “That’s just totally uncalled-for,” ella dijo.

While Rehmeyer conceded that the names and addresses of the parents who sued the school district are available on legal documents, she noted that Garcia-Lopeztold people to go after us, said where I worked.

I received 17 voicemails at work from one person,” Rehmeyer said. She noted that some of the parentsbusinesses have gotten negative reviews online from critics whodon’t even try to pretend that they were clients.

I had a previous client who said she hoped that I died,” the mother added.

Fort Worth Independent School District

Fort Worth Independent School District (mapas de Google)

Rehmeyer said that the criticismhas nothing to do with equity workand everything to do with how Garcia-Lopez treated her and other parents. “She’s not holding to the standards that they have for teachers and students.She said that she and other parents had forwarded screenshots of Garcia-Lopez’s actions to the school board, but they did not receive a response.

It’s unacceptable to me that they’re not holding her accountable,” ella dijo.

Carlos Turcios, a former member of the Racial Equity Committee, condemned the school district for failing to take action against Garcia-Lopez.

It is unacceptable that the ISD is not holding the co-chair accountable for her actions,” Turcios told Fox News. “She doxxed parents and financially impacted one of the parentsbusinesses. What type of leadership is the committee and FWISD showing to its students? That bullying and intimidation are OK? That it’s fine to leave voicemails harassing parents if they disagree with you?”

Superintendent [Kent] Scribner should resign for allowing this environment of bullying,” Turcios added.

Neither Garcia-Lopez nor the school board nor the district immediately responded to Fox News’ solicitudes de comentarios.

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