FOXベットスーパー 6 'Quiz Show': $  5,000 up for grabs answering questions on books, カレッジフットボール

All contestants have to do each week is try to correctly answer six multiple-choice questions on topics ranging from スポーツ to weather to エンターテイメント政治 for a shot at the grand prize. FOXベットスーパー 6 app is free to download and the contests are free to enter.


This week’sQuiz Showwill have book and film lovers rejoicing, with questions challenging consumers to predict the success of upcoming releases.

The wide-ranging lineup also includes questions about sports, as fans of college football are sure to score big.

より多い $ 4.6 million has been paid out to various 素晴らしい 6 contest winners これまでのところ, including throughout the last NFL season and during the current NASCAR season. App users can also play other games answering questions on various sporting events, the stock market and more.

FOXベットスーパー 6 is available nationwide with the exception of Washington state.

FOX Bet is an online and mobile sportsbook originally developed through a first-of-its-kind national media and sports wagering partnership in the United States between The Stars Group Inc. and FOX Sports, a unit of Fox Corporation. 5月に 5, 2020, Flutter Entertainment Plc announced its acquisition of and subsequent merger with The Stars Group.