Fox Flight Team captura a inmigrantes ilegales que cruzan Río Grande; Griff Jenkins habla con el contrabandista

En “El cinco,” Jenkins dijo eso sobre 70 people crossed the river as he stood in the water on the United States side for the past hour – most if not all of whom were from Venezuela.

One elderly woman told Jenkins her son was killed by disputed leader Nicolas Maduro’smotorcycle gangs”. Los Estados Unidos. does not recognize Maduro as the oil-rich nation’s president, but rather opposition leader Juan Guaido; following a disputed 2018 elección.

Just before “El cinco” began, Jenkins finally convinced a smuggler named Juan to speak with him. Juan, dressed in a teeshirt and sitting in the middle of a shallow spot in the Rio Grande; watching the Mexican bank, told him he is not afraid of the Border Patrol nor Mexican police.

Juan also told Jenkins that Presidente Biden may claim the border isclosed– but that in reality, he is wrong.

He said ‘no, No, it is open’,” the reporter recalled.

En “El cinco,” anfitrión Geraldo Rivera said that Jenkinsreport would be an example of what Vicepresidente Harris would see if she fulfilled her duty as border czar and visited the same area.

If you had done the obvious and saw the problem as it’s manifesting itselfit’s no accident that you’re facing an avalanche of criticism following that first trip you made to Guatemala and then to Mexico,” él dijo. “She’s declaring victory but it seems kind of hollow when the reality is so jarring compared to what she’s actually accomplished.

Anfitrión Jesse Watters agreed, adding that normally, illegal immigrants don’t brazenly cross in highly visible groups in the middle of the day:

I’ve never seen people just like in a lazy river in broad daylight, just turning themselves into a border patrol. That’s never happened before. Por lo general, you see footage of border patrol pulling people out of cacti in the dark of night and coming you know, I feel bad for the people coming across but this is a distraction,” él dijo.

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