Fox News’ Election Night Tools: Probability dials, Voter Analysis and more

Fox News' Election Night Tools: Probability dials, Voter Analysis and more

Prior to and on the night of Tuesday’s election, will have a wide selection of tools that users can access to analyze and track in real time how Americans are voting.

Visit the Elections Home Page to find top-level overviews of Presidential, House, and Senate races. It will also include Probability Dials gauging the probable balance of power in each house of Congress and the White House.

Through the Margin of Victory page, will host a visual representation of each state’s presidential vote split with live results on Election Day, and provide the ability for users to see historical election results on a state-by-state basis.

Be sure to check out the Live Coverage page where’s editorial team can interact in real-time with users.


Doesn't include actual results

Doesn’t include actual results

The tools will also allow users to find state and county-specific information through a fully-interactive map that contains real-time voter data. Each state will have its own page as well, with results for the major categories of races, including gubernatorial.

Users will also be able to view races by category (gubernatorial, House, Senate, presidential) with real-time data and a breakdown of key races. To delve deeper into the data, users can access the Voter Analysis page, where data can be segmented according to state or race. 

Customized data selections can also be found at the “My Races” page where users can view races they’ve selected as their favorites.

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