Fraternal Order of Police VP rips far-left prosecutors: 'History will judge them for their cowardice'

SLAIN UCLA 研究生的父亲指责政客犯罪率飙升

JOE GAMALDI: I think what you are seeing right now is just violent criminals getting out over and over again thanks to rogue DAs like George Gascon in L.A. Because in his environment we’ve had murders go up 71% in L.A. It’s been a complete disaster. Crime and disorder everywhere you look. You have 30 municipalities voting no-confidence vote in him. If he had any shame, if he had any integrity whatsoever, he would resign in shame from his position.

When we talk about these horrific crimes that happened to that young girl like Brianna, we forget about the families impacted by this. Her life was taken from her. This family is going to have to recover from this. Nobody stops to think about the things that they have to go through on the back end of this. And the worst part about it is the DAs who continue to push these policies that have caused so much pain, so much despair, so much trauma, they have no intention of changing whatsoever. And history is going to judge them for their cowardice.