French education minister declares war on American 'wokeism'

“Il [francese] Republic is completely contrary to wokeism,” francese Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer said in an colloquio last week with Le Monde, according to a translation by Politico. “In the United States, this ideology provoked a reaction and led to the rise of Donald Trump.


France and its youth have to escape that,” Egli ha detto.

Blanquer is leading a new government think tank, Le Laboratoire de la République, which is tasked with promoting the French brand of secularism and rejecting woke ideology – an extreme form of political correctness that focuses on societal injustices, especially racism.

French secularism, d'altra parte, transcends race, gender and religion and is truly egalitarian, Riferito Politico.

Our country has become a target of the woke movement,” Pierre Valentin, an expert at the think tank, said at its launch last week, Riferito Politico. “If there was a vaccine against the woke virus, it would be French and the leaders of the movement know that.

We are receiving signals of alert from university staff who tell us funds are being channeled towards a certain number of theories,” said MP Aurore Bergé, Riferito Politico. “There’s the feeling here that [libertà di] thought is being narrowed to a vision that is not ours.

French President Emmanuel Macron is running for reelection in April, and conservative commentator Eric Zemmour has been floated as a possible anti-establishment opponent in the race, though he has not officially declared his candidacy. Zemmour has embraced comparisons of himself to Trump.

Macron, who has been criticized by French progressives, told Elle Magazine this past summer that woke culture wasracializingFrench society, Zenger News segnalato all'inizio di questo mese.

I see that our society is becoming progressively racialized,” ha detto in quel momento.

Several members of his government have also shared anti-woke views, including Elisabeth Moreno, the French minister delegate for gender equality and diversity.

The ‘woke’ culture is something very dangerous, and we shouldn’t bring it to France,” lei disse Bloomberg News a maggio.

Fox News’ Louis Casiano ha contribuito a questo rapporto.

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