Freshman Republican Nancy Mace on condemning Trump: ‘I don’t operate out of fear

Freshman Republican Nancy Mace on condemning Trump: 'I don't operate out of fear'

代表. 南希·梅斯, R.S.C., 告诉 “美国新闻室on Tuesday that she doesn’toperate out of fearregarding her decision to turn on 特朗普总统 following last week’s violence at the U.S. 国会大厦.

Mace said she also doesn’toperate on what the next election is going to look like.

I’m a single working mom of two kids,” 她继续. “I’m a constitutional conservative and I’ve been joined by constitutional conservatives both in the U.S. Senate and the U.S. 屋, both of my U.S. senators also supported us on the certification of the Electoral College last week.

Mace went on to say she believesit would mean a lot to this country if Republicans and Democrats would raise their hand and take responsibility for the things and the violence and the rhetoricleading up to the deadly incident at the Capitol.

The riot left five people dead, including a veteran who reportedly served four tours with the Air Force, 和一个 我们. Capitol Police officer who died after suffering injuries. Dozens of people were arrested and at least 14 officers were wounded during the demonstrations, 当局说.


Trump invited supporters to rally in Washington Jan. 6, saying it would be “野生,” and gave a speech in which he said those rallying would marchpeacefullyto the Capitol. During the speech, he repeated the unproven claim that the election was stolen from him and told his supporters that he wouldnever concede.

During his remarks, he renewed pressure on Vice President Mike Pence, claiming he should decertify the results of the presidential election and send itback to the states,” claiming that if Pence did that, Trump would be president for another four years.

Mace said what she now seesis that rhetoric has real consequences.

Someone threatened to shoot me on social media because I wasn’t ‘fighting for the president enough,’” 她说. “This isn’t who we are as a nation. It’s un-American and we’re better than this.

When asked on Thursday if she still believed in Trump, the man she helped elect in 2016, Mace said, “没有” and added that shecan’t condonehis rhetoric, The State reported. The newspaper said her stance wasa stunning departurefor the freshman member of Congress whose own political rise is tied to Trump’s presidency.

王牌 acknowledged that he bears some blame for the Capitol riot last week during a conversation with House Republican Leader 凯文·麦卡锡, a source familiar told Fox News.

Two sources say McCarthy, R.-Calif., relayed the president’s sentiment on a call Monday with the House GOP Conference.


麦卡锡, on the call Monday with Republicans, agreed that Trump bore blame for the unrest, which sent Congress into lockdown as lawmakers met to certify the results of the 2020 总统选举.

The White House did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Following the violence, Congress returned and certified the Electoral College vote early Thursday, formally giving 乔·拜登 his presidential victory.


I had to walk through a crime scene to go vote in what should have been a ceremonial vote on the floor of the chamber in the middle of the night last week after the violent attacks on our nation’s Capitol,” Mace said. “It was a very sad day for our country.