'Friends' cast sings show's theme song with James Corden

Just call itGolf Cart Karaoke.

ジェームズコーデン, host of the reunion that we all couldn’t stop talking about, recruited the cast of “友達” for a special segment that aired on his show Wednesday night.
クリップで, Corden helps transport the cast — ジェニファー・アニストン, コートニーコックス, リサ・クドロー, マット・ルブランク, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmerto the set and uses the brief ride through the Warner Bros. lot, where they used to film, to channelCarpool Karaoke.Do you really need to ask the song choice?
    After belting The Rembrandt’sI’ll Be There For You,” Corden and the cast get cozy in Central Perk for some fun and games, that turns some on the couches to tears.
      “友達: 再会” was released last month on HBO Max. (CNN, like HBO, is owned by WarnerMedia.)
        While the streamer has not released viewing numbers, Variety reported その highly-anticipated special may have performed nearly as well asWonder Woman 1984,the sequel to the 2017 blockbuster superhero film.