From mothers to monsters: Nancy Grace goes inside the cases of infamous 'Murder Moms'

These are the introductory words narrated by Fox News’ Laura Ingle before telling the tragic tale of two little boys — whose safety and happiness were ripped away from them at the hands of their own mother — for Fox Nation’s ‘Big Story: The Shocking Story of Susan Smith.’

Fox Nation host Nancy Grace revisits the story in her ‘Crime Stories’ series, talking to experts from all fields to get to the bottom of the monster mom’s murders. Grace joined ‘Fox & Friends’ Monday ahead of the episode’s release to discuss the case that she believes ‘really brought to the forefront parental homicide.’


On Oct. 25, 1994, a 23-year-old Smith told police an armed black man stole her car and drove off with her two sons inside. For nine days, the teary-eyed mom would appear on national television, pleading for the safe return of her “babies.”

The nation reeled and prayed, transfixed by the horror Smith and her family were facing.

But it turned out there was no carjacker.

Before Smith conjured up the carjacking story to police, she drove aimlessly through the dark with her two sons — three-year-old Michael and 14-month-old Alex — in the backseat while she was in the throes of a depressive, suicidal episode, police said at the time.

She allegedly stopped off at John D. Long Lake in Union County and contemplated taking her life — ultimately choosing to end the lives of her boys instead. 

Smith pulled up to a boat ramp, put the car into neutral, hopped outside and watched as the lake swallowed her two children. The boys were still strapped in their car seats and completely conscious when their family car turned into a watery coffin.

What drove this mom to madness? Grace believes she had a ‘clear motive.’

It had been highly speculated that Smith decided to kill her boys because a boyfriend who’d recently broken up with her said he wasn’t prepared for a “ready-made family.” 

“So she strapped her two little boys into the car and pushed it into the lake and stood there while it drowned,” Grace argued.

Despite confessing to the crime once her story unraveled, Smith maintains she doesn’t know why she did it, and that she adored her kids.


With the upcoming possibility of parole slated for November 2024, getting to the truth is more crucial than ever. Grace strives to do just that in ‘Crime Stories: Murder Moms.’

All this week, Fox Nation is releasing a new episode of ‘Murder Moms,’ each investigating the cases of Susan Smith, Diane Downs, Letecia Stauch, Emily Glass, and Julie Schenecker. Sign up on Fox Nation today to stream the series. 

The New York Post contributed to this report.

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