From past to present: Fox Nation's 'Building on the American Heritage' traces the history, foundation of US

Fox Nation의 “Building on the American Heritage” 그냥 그렇게, uncovering the forgotten stories and defining moments of America’s past that shaped the nation’s heritage.

Historian David Barton and former legislator Rick Green journey back to the time of the Founding Fathers to unveil the original intent and design of the impossible dream – a republic for the people, by the people.

Over the course of 13 에피소드, Barton discusses the founding principles and Judeo-Christian values from which America was born.

Among the key issues discussed in this new series is the relationship of Christianity with America’s heritage as well as politics and culture. While the United States has always embraced the separation of church and state, there is a fundamental connection between Judeo-Christian thought, American values and the Constitutional framework of the nation, the series explores.


In a unanimous decision without any dissent by any justice on the court, 그들은 말했다, 물론이야, America is a Christian nation,” Barton shared regarding a 1892 Supreme Court decision. “[The Supreme Court justice] said we’re a Christian nation, but we don’t require everybody to be Christians… [The decision is] saying it’s a nation influenced by Christianity.

Barton also analyzes American culture and its metamorphosis over the ages. From justice to civil rights to civic duty, Christianity had a central role in American culture – 그러나, over the past century, has dwindled. Barton unpacks why Christianity was so interconnected to culture and how the shift progressed.

Beyond the Judeo-Christian values, Barton looks at the founding principles of liberty, 투표, separation of powers, limited government and more that shape the modern workings of the United States.

Though values and principles are a focus of this series, “Building on the American Heritagelooks at the lives of key figures and their role in shaping the nation, celebrating the African American community and younger generations for their central and often overlooked role in making the United States what it is today.


From culture to politics to religion, Fox Nation의 “Building on the American Heritageis a timely exposé on the United States’ foundation that articulates what America is all about and challenges the nation to consider what it hopes to become.

Fox Nation의 “Building on the American Heritage” 이다 streaming now on Fox Nation.

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