From the birth of Siri to the death of Steve Jobs, who can forget 2011?

에 2011 사과, Inc. unveiled the iPhone 4s, which included the then-new and revolutionary voice assistance featureand Apple usersnow decade-long sidekick.

Sold to Apple for a modest $ 200 백만, Siria virtual assistant which utilizes natural-language user interfacebegan as a military project. “It was supposed to help military commanders manage data,” 말했다 Fox News contributor Tom Shillue.

Siri was supposed to bring the promise of A.I. technology to everyone,” the comedian continued, before rattling off a list of Siri’s frequently-received requestssuch as finding the nearest bathroom, how to make blueberry pancakes, or how to spell challenging words like ‘coconut.

Siri’s initial release was reportedly met with mixed reviewsbut as the years and iterations of iPhones passed, with features added and enhanced along the way, most have considered Siri a success. 사실로, it’s all in the name! 이것의 신고 the name ‘Siri’ 방법 “beautiful woman who leads you to victoryin Norweiganwhich Siri 할 수있다 not actually speak.


동안 2011 saw the birth of Siri, it also marked the passing of the young virtual assistant’s ‘fatherof sorts, Steve Jobs. The co-founder and former CEO of Apple, Inc. 돌아가 셨다 그냥 56 years old on October 5th, 2011 from issues related to his battle with pancreatic cancerjust one day after Siri’s debut.

Siri was reportedly the last closed-door demo the innovator saw before his death.

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When he asked Siri what its gender was, Siri answered, ‘I have not been assigned a gender,'” said Shillue. “지금, I say Siri is obviously a womanI don’t know any guy that can remember all this stuff,” 그는 재빨리.

오늘, Siri is supported on all Apple devices, and her legacy has arguably outlived Rebecca Black’s.

To learn more about Siri’s start as the communication companionand what else made history in 2011 – watch ‘Who Can Forget?’ 의 위에 폭스 네이션.

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