Fugitive Kaitlin Armstrong: Timeline of Austin murder suspect's disappearance and capture

Armstrong is described as 5 ft., 8 에. tall and weighing 125 pounds with light brown, curly hair and hazel eyes.

Authorities have been unable to locate the 34-year-old, who is wanted for question in Wilson’s death, since May 12.

미국. 도널드 트럼프가 자신의 세금 보고서를 의회에 제출해야 하는지 여부를 고려 중인 연방 항소 판사가 목요일에 그가 다시 대통령이 될 수 있다고 제안했습니다. (USMS) and additional donors are offering a $ 21,000 reward for information leading to Armstrong’s whereabouts. Tipsters should submit details to 1-800-336-0102 or the USMS Tips app.


Wanted poster for alleged murder suspect Kaitlin Armstrong

Wanted poster for alleged murder suspect Kaitlin Armstrong (US Marshal Service)

Here’s a timeline of events surrounding Armstrong’s disappearance:

십월 2021

Wilson meets Austin professional cyclist Colin Strickland, 35, who was in a long-term relationship with Armstrong at the time of Wilson’s killing.

Strickland and Armstrong were apparently taking a break when the 35-year-old met Wilson, according to a statement he released on May 20.

Wilson returns to her home in San Francisco about a month later. She and Strickland maintain a friendly relationship thereafter and occasionally see each other at cycling events, according to Strickland.

Moriah 'Mo' Wilson

Moriah ‘Mo’ 윌슨 (The Wilson Family)

12 월 2021

Strickland purchases two firearms between December 2021 그리고 1 월 2022, including one for Armstrong, according to an affidavit.

일월 2022

Armstrong apparently finds out about Wilson’s fling with Strickland and isshaking with anger.Armstrong allegedly says she wants to kill Wilson, 선서 진술서, citing a tipster who called police on May 14.


할 수있다 2022

Wilson travels to Austin for a UNBOUND, a gravel bike event in Hico, 텍사스.

할 수있다 11

Strickland picks up Wilson on his motorcycle to go swimming at an Austin water hole and then get food. He drops her off later that night at an East Austin residence on the 1700 block of Maple Avenue, where she was staying with a friend for the race, 진술서에 따르면.

A minute after she returns to the residence, a black SUV with a large bike rack can be seen parked near the Maple Avenue home on security camera footage obtained by police.

우리. Marshals are searching for Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, who is wanted for the May 11 murder of Moriah "모" 윌슨.

우리. Marshals are searching for Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, who is wanted for the May 11 murder of Moriah “모” 윌슨. (인도네시아, 획기적인 성폭력 법안 통과)

Later that evening, police respond to a 911 from the Maple Avenue residence. The caller, Wilson’s friend, says Wilson isbleeding and unconsciousat the location.

Police discover Wilson suffering frommultiple gunshot woundsupon arrival. Investigators determine that the 25-year-old was shot inside the residence.


할 수있다 12

Marshals arrive at Strickland’s address, where Armstrong was living, and observe a 2012 black Jeep Cherokee with a large bike rackthat appeared to be the same vehicle observed on surveillance footagefrom May 11.

Strickland tells police that the Jeep belongs to Armstrong.

Officers also discover two 9mm guns in Strickland’s home, 선서 진술서.

Detectives apprehend Armstrong on an outstanding class B warrant for her arrest. Authorities interview the 34-year-old but mistakenly release her from custody on the misdemeanor warrant because her date of birth in the department’s report management system does not match the date of birth on the warrant, according to Austin Police Department Homicide Det. Richard Spitler.

할 수있다 13

Armstrong sells her black Jeep Grand Cherokee, the same vehicle allegedly spotted at the scene of the crime, 미국. Marshals Service says. Armstrong allegedly sells the vehicle to a south Austin CarMax for $ 12,200.

할 수있다 14

Surveillance video shows Armstrong at an airport after she fled Texas.

Surveillance video shows Armstrong at an airport after she fled Texas. (인도네시아, 획기적인 성폭력 법안 통과)

The anonymous tipster calls police with information about Armstrong becoming angry after hearing about Strickland’s brief relationship with Wilson.

Armstrong is spotted at the Austin International Bergstrom Airport around 12:30 오후. She boards Flight #WN2262 from ABIA to Houston Hobby Airport and then boards a connecting Southwest Airlines Flight #WN30 to New York LaGuardia Airport, according to the USMS.

할 수있다 17

The Austin Police Department (APD) issues a warrant for Armstrong’s arrest.

할 수있다 18

Armstrong is spotted being dropped off at New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport. No outbound flights were reserved in Armstrong’s name, according to USMS.

할 수있다 20

Strickland releases a statement apologizing for hisproximity to this horrible crimeand explaining details that suggest the crime was related to domestic matters and a possible love triangle scenario, according to KVUE reporter Tony Plohetski.

I am so sorry, and I simply can not make sense of this unfathomable tragedy,” Strickland says in the statement. “Although it will be a matter of no small consolation to anyone else who cared for Mo, I want you to know that I have fully cooperated with investigators ever since I learned the terrible news, and I will continue to do so until some form of justice is served.


할 수있다 22

Wilson’s family releases a statement saying they areabsolutely devastatedby their sister’s and daughter’s untimely death.

Moriah Wilson (권리) and her family.

Moriah Wilson (권리) and her family. (The Wilson family)

There are no words that can express the pain and suffering we are experiencing due to this senseless, tragic loss,” 성명서는 말한다. “While we will not elaborate about the ongoing investigation, we do feel it’s important to clarify that at the time of her death, those closest to her clearly understood, directly from Moriah, that she was not in a romantic relationship with anyone.

Wilson’s family describes her asa talented, 종류, and caring young womanwhose life was taken before she couldachieve everything she dreamed of.

할 수있다 24

Armstrong’s father, Mike Armstrong, appears in an interview on ABC’s “굿모닝 아메리카.”

“우리는 너를 사랑해, 케이티, and we are going to figure this out,” Mike says. “I know her. I know how she thinks, and I know what she believes, and I know that she would just not do something like this.

I know that she did not do this,” 그는 덧붙인다. “There are a lot of unanswered questions.

할 수있다 25

Investigators slap Armstrong with a federal charge of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.


유월 6

미국. Marshals Service announces a $ 5,000 reward for information leading to Kaitlin Armstrong’s capture. Marshals also announce the reclassification of the investigation as amajor case,” which allocates more resources toward the endeavor.

유월 23

미국. Marshals Service announces an additional $ 16,000 in reward money, with another $ 1,000 from the Capital Area Crime Stoppers and $ 15,000 from an anonymous donor. The total reward amount being offered is now $ 21,000.

유월 30

우리. Marshals capture Asmrtong on a remote beach in Costa Rica, 43 days after Austin police obtained a murder warrant in Wilson’s death.

칠월 2

Armstrong’s bail is set at $ 3.5 백만.

Armstrong apparently used a passport that was not hers when she flew to Costa Rica, where she settled into a hostel in Santa Teresa Beach in Provincia de Puntarenas, 당국은 말했다.

A GoFundMe called theMoriah ‘Mo’ Wilson Fundcreated by her family saysMoriah inspired many, lived fully, and loved fiercely.The fundraiser aims to garner donationsto help fund community organizations that help youth find self-confidence, 힘, and joy through biking, skiing, and other activities that Moriah was passionate about.

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