G-7 globalists like Biden because 'he's good for them', not because he's good for US: Hemingway, Farage

HEMINGWAY: Well, I think what’s happening at this G-7 Summit really does show the difference between Donald Trump’s America First foreign policy, and what the Biden administration offers. These people praising Joe Biden, not because is he good for America, but because he’s good for them. They like that he is going to increase, have these troops in Europe fund their defense, let Russia have its pipeline through Germany. All these things that they wanted and they flattered him and then they get it, but a lot of people wonder how that works out well for the American taxpayer who ends up having to foot the bill in dealing with these trade agreements that are decades old and need to be updated but won’t be. Joe Biden gets flattered and so everything goes back to normal.

Farage commented on European leader’s relationships with China and why they favor President Biden over former President Trump.

FARAGE: Trump was good on China. I could even see the influence of what Trump said on China on Biden who was trying to sound tough without really meaning it. Sadly, most of the European leaders are happy to sell their souls to the Chinese Communist Party and they’re never going to fear Joe Biden on this. I believe that Donald Trump is the only man that can coalesce the West around a policy that actually stands up and challenges the Chinese Communist Party. Nobody else in global affairs can do it. You can like Donald Trump or you can dislike Donald Trump, but he was absolutely right on the China issue. And that’s why at some point before too long, not just America, but we in the western world need him, his courage and his vision back in the White House.


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