Gabbard: Biden acting as 'judge, jury and executioner' of border agents is 'absolutely wrong'

Gabbard warned that Biden’s hasty actions to chastise the officers are the antithesis ofinnocent unless proven guilty” – undermining the country’s democratic process. “How can they expect to have any kind of fair outcome to an investigation when the president of the United States has already declared their guilt and that they will be punished?” 彼女は尋ねた.

The former congresswoman and presidential candidate expressed concern over the direction of the country after the president quickly laid down the gavel on his own agents.

馬の国境警備隊の画像に「ショックを受けた」CBPチーフの演技, AS ADMINISTRATION DOUBLES DOWN

What he essentially did was act as judge, jury and executioner for these Customs and Border Patrol agents on horseback,” 彼女は言いました.

Gabbard went on to say that the failure to enforce laws could have dire consequences for the country.

If we are no longer a country of laws, the increasing feeling that a lot of us have, is that we are losing our democracy and moving closer and closer to what essentially is an autocracy,” 彼女は警告した.

She went on to condemn the powerful elites working with the media and deep state for putting their own interests above the interests of the country.

They are getting away with it,” 彼女は言いました. “They are unwilling to sacrifice their interests for the interests of the country.

They have no business being in positions of leadership at any level in our society because who suffers as a result of this? It’s the American people. It’s our democracy. And they don’t care about the cost and the toll that that takes.

Gabbard concluded by pointing out what she believes is essential for the country right now: “leadership that puts service above self, that puts the interest of the American people in our country first.