Gas leak responsible fire for 'Eye of fire' in Mexican waters, 墨西哥石油公司说

墨西哥湾表面的火焰类似于一个巨大的 “火眼” 已经得到控制, according to Mexico’s state oil company Pemex.

Orange flames resembling molten lava were pictured on social media and dubbed an “火眼” on social media because of the blaze’s circular shape, as it raged a short distance from a Pemex oil platform.
在声明中, Pemex said the fire, blamed on a gas leak from an underwater pipeline, happened at 5:15 上午. local time off the coast of Campeche.
    火, which was close to an oil platform, was put out by 10:45 上午. 当地时间, and no injuries or evacuations of the facility have been reported.
      Pemex said an investigation has been launched into the incident.
          Angel Carrizales, head of Mexico’s oil safety regulator ASEA, wrote on Twitter that the incidentdid not generate any spill,” according to Reuters news agency, but did not explain what was burning on the water’s surface.
          Pemex, which has a long record of major industrial accidents at its facilities, said it would investigate the cause of the fire and said it shut the valves of the 12-inch-diameter pipeline, Reuters added.