Gen. Jack Keane talks major threats as world leaders to meet today at G7 summit

라이브 업데이트: G-7 summit 2021 kicks off Friday as Biden meets with world leaders

GEN. JACK KEANE:It seems quite obvious that the major threats to the United States are facing certainly with China, which is a rising superpower who is seeking regional and global domination at the expense of Western democracies. And suddenly this great democracy in America, we’ve got to reemerge in Russia — who wants to develop their own sphere of influence, particularly among the former Soviet Union states in Eastern Europe and in southern Europe. And that’s why you see this aggressive military expansion, because he [바이든] wants to stop any further alignment with NATO… Also, we’ve got a very aggressive and maligned Iran, not only seeking nuclear weapons, but seeking domination of the Middle East, using their proxies to achieve that end and having achieved some measure of success in doing that. And I also think we do have a major domestic security issue with our southern border.


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