Gen. Jack Keane: Terror groups in Afghanistan are likely 'complicit' in their anti-Americanism

GEN. JACK KEANE: There’s no doubt that ISIS-K has operating cells in Kabul and certainly they’re trying to pull off another attack before we get out of there. Certainly we’re taking all necessary precautions we possibly can, but we are vulnerable, as you have noted on the show this morning. We have outsourced the security outside the perimeter, outside the Kabul airport to the Taliban. They’re running the security checkpoints.

The Taliban, the al Qaeda, the ISIS-K, they all have the same radical Islamic fundamentalist beliefs. They all believe in killing Americans. And while they may fight among each other, as ISIS-K and ISIS does at times, I believe that common theology wraps them in a sort of special glue when it comes to anti-Americanism, anti-West and and anti-democracy. So, could they have been complicit? You betcha they could have been complicit.


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