Gen. Keane: Stubborn Biden 'truly owns' Taliban takeover of Afghanistan

JACK KEANE: When it really gets down to it, this Taliban victory that we’re seeing right before our eyes is something President Biden truly owns. I mean, his self-righteous stubbornness when advised by his own national security team, both civilians and military, that there is a likelihood, not just a probability, but a likelihood that the Taliban will take over if we pull out our robust intelligence and our air support. And by the way, in terms of the Vietnam comparison, our military leaders at the time said the same thing. If we pull away the air support from the South Vietnamese army, it’s likely that the North Vietnamese will collapse them. And that was ignored.

Listen, the consequences of this will unfold over the next months and years, and they’re going to be significant and none of them are good for the United States, certainly when it comes to the world jihadist movement itself. I mean, this is their major victory. Certainly 9/11 was to a certain degree, but now radical Islamists are in charge of Afghanistan and the United States surrendered to them. That is the way that will be sold around the whole world jihadist movement. 


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