Gen. Petraeus: Afghanistan facing 'very uncertain future' after US exit

GEN. DAVID PETRAEUS: We withdrew, and I think we’ll have to see whether we actually, quote, ended 20 years of war or if the endless war will continue. It’s still not clear whether there will be some kind of civil war or some kind of insurgency against the Taliban and only, you know, weeks, months, even years will tell. The Taliban face a very difficult task, and that is to govern this challenging country. And they may discover that it’s much easier to be an insurgent than it is to be running the government, especially if all of the country’s assets around the world are frozen. They have no access to IMF or World Bank support and the major donor nations that have traditionally provided three-quarters of their budget, the U.S., Japan and other countries, members of the coalition… they will have a very, very difficult time. And it’s by no means clear that other countries will make that up. Say, for example, China or Pakistan or Iran or Russia. So I think it’s a very uncertain future. 


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