George Clooney jokes he's too short to share the screen with Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck and 조지 클루니 have never acted on the big screen together.

두 사람은 로스앤젤레스 시사회 레드카펫에 등장했다. “텐더 바,” 클루니가 감독하고 애플렉이 주연을 맡은.
Affleck talked to 오늘 밤 엔터테인먼트, saying of Clooney, “We had great experience working together previously, he produced ‘Argo’ [with me]. He just has so much experience doing his thing, doing this job, and it’s like, such a gift. Because it cuts through all the noise and gets right to the x, 과, z. Bing, 쾅, boom.
    Affleck added of Clooney, “He’s just so good and so smart and creates a great environment.
      So would he want to act with Clooney?
        I would love to,” Affleck said. “He’s gotta hire me. 내말은, he’s gotta cast himself and hire me. Maybe that’s the next step.
        Clooney had a different take on acting with Affleck, joking that he’s too short to stand next to the actor.
            He’s a foot taller than me! He makes me look like Mickey Rooney when I stand next to this guy,” Clooney said. “I think it would be too much sexy for one screen. Because he’s a one-time sexiest man.
            “텐더 바,” also starring Lily Rabe, Tye Sheridan and Christopher Lloyd, hits theaters worldwide on Dec. 22, and Amazon Prime Video on Jan. 7.

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