George Gascon's defense of suspected cop killer's plea deal is 'utter nonsense,' says LA prosecutor

2명의 엘 몬테 경찰을 살해한 캘리포니아 용의자, 총기 소지 혐의로 집행유예, 출처 :

ERIC SIDDALL: 그는 시스템을 깨뜨렸다.. 그는 이제 그것을 소유. And the reason why these two officers are dead is because of his policies. And I think that people are finally starting to wake up and see exactly what it means to live under George Gascon’s criminal justice system, which means that criminals get released, criminals continue to terrorize the community, and in this case, a gang member with a gun killed two El Monte police officers. That’s waking up the community. People are ready to sign. They’ve already passed the actual required number. Now we just need the padding to make sure that that ballot that this gets on the ballot.

Gascon’s statement is utter nonsense. Maybe it’s consistent under his system of justice, but in every other normal prosecutorial agency, that’s not what happens. A felon with a firearm. A gang member with a firearm. A guy caught with dope and ammunition. That guy gets state prison. He doesn’t get probation in any real criminal justice system.

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