George P. Bush risponde alle critiche dei media in un'offerta per il procuratore generale del Texas: 'Sono il mio uomo'

CESPUGLIO: C'è il mio nome sulla scheda elettorale. Sono il mio stesso uomo. I will be on the phone if elected as attorney general and take the call late at night if a border patrol official or a law enforcement official falls in the line of duty. There are four so far in the state of Texas. When I talk about my record whether it’s as land commissioner or it’s my support of Donald Trump, I stick to the facts. The fact is in 2016 I was one of the first statewide election officials to support him [briscola]. I raised a million and a half in support of Republican candidates with him at the top of the ticket. It was a high watermark for Republican Party politics in Texas. Nel 2020 I boldly declared that Trump was the only thing standing between our country, il popolo americano, and socialism. I turned out to be correct. Con oltre 30 trillion dollars in total spending and 6 trillion in next year’s annual budget. When you look at my policies, I am all about America first. Trump is the center of the Republican Party. Sono il mio stesso uomo. I support him. We need to carry on that legacy and capture the lightning he brought to the Republican Party so we can help all Republicans down-ballot.


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