Georgia Gov. 브라이언 켐프: 공화당의 기본 정치는 힘든 사업 , 'I'm not scared to fight'

브라이언 켐프: 를 위해 준비했습니다 30 정말 힘든 재선 주기를 위한 몇 년, 이것은 우리 국가의 영혼을 위한 전투입니다, 요즘 정치에서 나를 놀라게 하는 것은 없다. I’ve been in the fight to keep our economy up, to keep our kids in the classroom, to make sure our church is never closed in Georgia. I’ve been in a fight standing with law enforcement officials and our men and women on the ground every day. The other side wants to do exactly the opposite of that, that is what the fight for the soul of this state is going to be about. Them [민주당] wanting to close down, not having our kids in school, not wanting our churches to be open, not having a great economy. Defunding the police. If anybody else is getting in that fight you have to ask them why.

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