Georgië Gov. Kemp rips MLB for 'discrepancy' of moving game out of half-black Atlanta to majority white Denver

BRIAN KEMP: Ja, Ek dink hulle sal. ek bedoel, it’s almost comicaljust all of these hits that keep following: moving the All-Star game from a city that’s, jy weet, a metro area that’s 51 percent African-American to a metro area that’s 10 percent African-American; that has less early voting days than Georgia has. They have 15. Ons het 17. They have a photo ID requirement for in-person voting as we do.

ek bedoel, it’s insaneyou compare where Major League Baseball is headquartered in New York, jy weet. I talked to that issueabout the discrepancies in how they’re boycotting and pulling games out of a state like ours. Yet they’re headquartered in a state that’s more restrictive than we are. ek bedoel, Dit tel net nie op nie. And I will tell you, the people here and all over the country have figured this out. They are outraged and they are sick and tired of the cancel culture.


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