Georgia runoff timing means Perdue won't be in Congress for joint session on Electoral College

紧张的一月政治日历意味着佐治亚共和党参议员. David Perdue won’t be in office when Congress meets for a joint session on the Electoral College on January 6, regardless of the results of the 参议院径流 the day before.

Sydney Butler, 参议院秘书办公厅主任 — who oversees the chamber’s operations and proceduresconfirmed to CNN that Perdue’s term will officially expire at the end of the current Congress on January 3, 暂时离开座位.
Officials in both Gov. Brian Kemp’s and Perdue’s offices say that even if he is projected the winner on January 5, 座位将保持空置状态,直到核实径流结果为止 — 最多可能需要两个星期.
That will leave Republicans in the Senate with one less vote in the event of an challenge to President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory.
    Georgia’s other US senator, Republican Kelly Loeffler who is locked in her own runoff race in the state with Democrat Rev. 拉斐尔·沃诺克was appointed to fill retired Sen. Johnny Isakson’s seat and will remain in office until a winner of the Senate special election runoff is sworn in.
    Loeffler told CNN Sunday eveningeverything’s on the table right nowwhen asked if she will accept the Electoral College results.
    This President has fought for us, we’re fighting for him,” 她说. “We need to have free and fair elections. But we also need to make sure Georgians get out and vote on January 5.
    According to Kemp’s office, the governor only has the ability to appoint a successor to an unexpired term. Because Perdue’s full term ends on January 3, that precludes Kemp from appointing someone to fill the vacancy that will be left until the results of the runoff are settled.
    An official in Perdue’s office told CNN that Perdue does not plan to participate in any Senate business between noon on January 3 and when the results of the runoff are certified.
    Despite repeated inquiries to both his campaign and his Senate office, Perdue has refused to publicly say where he stands on the efforts by GOP members of Congress planning to object to the Electoral College results.
    At an event Monday in Atlanta, Perdue’s opponent, 乔恩·奥索夫, told CNN that Perdue needs to make clear whether or not he supports the efforts to object to the Electoral College results, even if a technicality would prevent him from serving during the small window of time the Congress takes up the matter.
      He must make it clear where he stands and Senator Perdue is supporting these out of state efforts to disenfranchise his own constituents. It was young voters who delivered this state for Joe and Kamala (哈里斯), it was Black voters who delivered this state for Joe and Kamala, and when Senator Perdue supports efforts to throw out ballots cast by his own constituents, that’s an attack on Black voters here in Georgia, that’s an attack on voting rights in Georgia,” 奥索夫说.
      Senator Perdue make it clear where he stands, and this is why we need a new voting rights act, to secure voting rights for all.