Geraldo blasts Biden's border policy as Harris visits Guatemala: 'catastrophic domestic policy failure'

“それは世界への招待として受け止められてきた,” リベラは言った. “これは、ジョー・バイデン側の壊滅的な国内政策の失敗です。”

He added that the reason why 中央アメリカ人 make the journey to the U.S. is because their countries arevery poor” そして “corrupt.

Everybody in Central America wants to be in the United States. Guatemala is very poor. The people are lovely, but it’s impoverished. The government is corrupt and is self-serving. Gangs are everywhere. There’s violence. Why wouldn’t they come to the United States?” Geraldo said.

The Biden administration has acknowledged the growing crisis on the 南の国境 by sending Vice President カマラ・ハリス to Guatemala City, Guatemala to meet with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei. Prior to the meeting, Giammattei と呼ばれる for the U.S. to send aclear messageto discourage mass illegal immigration northward and said he agrees with the Biden administration that there is an immigration problem but not on how to solve it.

Rivera said comments about the border being secure from Harris or the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas are irrelevant because Biden has essentially erected aHelp Wantedsign at the border with Mexico.

In contrast, Rivera said Trump didn’t always go the diplomatic route when making changes to immigration policies like border control.

He pointed out that the former president and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador becamefrenemies—as Trump routinely bashed the Mexican government or threatened them with tariffs—while at the same time making substantial headway in border security cooperation between the two countries.

Rivera suggested that another reason Mexico has backed off its tougher Trump-era defense against illegal border crossers transiting north through its land is that they’re not a fan of his successor.

They don’t like Joe Biden and the abrupt way he enacted the change in policy.

ハリス, whom Biden tapped to be the White House’sborder czar” 行進に 24, has yet to visit the southern border. She did recently travel to New Hampshire, wherein its Coos County borders Canada. Republicans criticized Harris for traveling to thewrong border.”