Geraldo Rivera pushes for Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania Senate GOP primary

杰拉尔多·里维拉: I want Dr. Oz to win. He’s a friend of mine. 他的老婆, 丽莎, a wonderful person. He was in the talk show business as I was. 明显, he’s a he’s a good guy, 好, solid, good-hearted person. 你懂, he was born in Cleveland… I like Dave McCormick also until those ads. 我的意思是, he was awarded the Bronze Star. He’s the real deal, a hedge fund multi-millionaire. He spent so much money, but he spent so much money destroying our pal or attempting to. I think that he did succeed in reducing Dr. Oz’s vote. I also think that his campaign, for all his nobility, McCormick’s they really got this anti-Muslim thing going on that I really found very distasteful.

他们, 你懂, surreptitiously or, 你懂, kind of a trick of the tongue going after Dr. Oz’s Muslim background. He’s born in Cleveland, but his family is from Turkey, he served in the Turkish military. But he’s a wonderful, wonderful person and he did not deserve the slander, the beating that McCormick really unleashed. And I think it was very… there’s no fairness in politics, I’m not a kid. I’m not naive about it. But I think that there’s a… you know, it’s hard to live with yourself, 在我看来, if you go down that route, that slimy route, 你懂, what do you do then? And you say, 好, if you win, you say, 对不起, 博士. 奥兹, you got mud on your hands.