Giannis Antetokounmpo wins NBA Finals MVP, dubbed 'new king of the NBA'

그만큼 “Greek Freak’sperformance in Game 6 lifted the Bucks over the Phoenix Suns. 그는 득점했다 50 포인트들, 움켜쥐다 14 리바운드, recorded five blocks and dished out two assists in the win.

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He is the first player since Shaquille O’Neal to record 40 포인트들, 10 rebounds and five blocks in any playoff game, ESPN 통계에 따르면 & Info. O’Neal did it in 2001. He’s also the first player to have a 50-10-5 stat line since blocks were first tracked in the 1973-74 시즌.

His prowess through the NBA Finals had some crowning him thenew king of the NBA.


Antetokounmpo’s run with the Bucks really started at the end of last year. He and the Bucks were eliminated from the playoffs in the conference semifinals and questioned swirled over whether he would sign an extension with Milwaukee to keep him on the team for years to come.

십이월에, he signed a five-year, $ 228.2 million contract extension and jumpstarted his pursuit of a title.

He helped the Bucks to 46 wins in the 2020-21 시즌. He was an All-Star for the fifth consecutive time and took the underrated Milwaukee team through the playoffs and over some of the best teams in the league. The Bucks defeated the 마이애미 히트, 브루클린 네츠Atlanta Hawks before beating the Suns.

Antetokounmpo was thought to have suffered a serious knee injury against the Hawks in the Eastern Conference Finals. He missed the final two games of that series and was able to play in the NBA Finals and not only guide the team to a title, but win the Finals MVP.

Antetokounmpo can now call himself a five-time All-Star, two-time MVP and most importantly and NBA champion.

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