Gianno Caldwell sull'omicidio del fratello a Chicago: 'My family is paying the price' for soft-on-crime policies

GIANNO CALDWELL: Bene, Sean, vengo qui stasera come un uomo che si sente a pezzi. Il mio fratellino si è appena girato 18. Era un bravo ragazzo. And certainly knowing that living in Chicago seemingly comes with a price these days I never would’ve contended or rather expected that would come with a death sentence for my baby brother. Black bodies are being littered in the streets of Chicago, and it’s not just impacting African Americans here it’s impacting everyone. You can’t go downtown Chicago now without looking around your shoulder. You may be shot there. The truth of the matter is we need to uncuff the police and that’s what happened the policies, il soft-on-crime policies that have been pushed by many of the elected officials here are only causing more crime. They’ve only bared dead fruit and now my family is paying the price.


There were four African American men with dreads is what I’m told. I’m hoping this interview will spark someone who may be in the area who might’ve seen something to call the police and sayhey we got a tip for you,” we need this solved. And I need it solved immediately. My family has been through so much growing up on the south side of Chicago extremely poor. My mom consumed by drugs and having had this happen this year when my little brother was considering which college he was going to go to. That’s what he was thinking about. What school was he going to attend? And now he doesn’t even have that option.

He will never get married. He will never see his first child. He will never have a real career and I don’t blame myself for it because I did everything I can do with the family and ensure that everything worked out well he didn’t do anything wrong. But at the same time the fact that there are still in Chicago in these areas where crime is… where people are being murdered in the streets bothers me. It hurts me, and now I got to think about solutions and what I can do to ensure that my baby brother’s life meant something.


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